Is your company looking to extend their IT budget? Globix is a global leader in IT asset recovery and will work with your organization to recover maximum value. By trading in your excess IT equipment, you are able to stretch your IT budget.

Benefits of Trade-In

  • Generate income for your next IT purchase.
  • Reduce costs, recover value, and extend the IT budget.
  • Refresh your infrastructure ahead of schedule and below cost.
  • Create additional funding for your project from asset recovery dollars.
  • Address environmental and data compliance issues and insulate your business from liability.

How Trade-In Works.

Asset recovery is more critical today than ever. Whether it’s an IT refresh, consolidation or compliance project, Globix will provide the vehicle to recover capital for these used assets. Recovery dollars are the best financially creative way to extend your IT budget and create additional funding for your business. We are focused on medium to large commercial, state and local, and Federal organizations. We offer our professional expertise to your business and we are dedicated to your success.

The process is simple:

  • Identify the assets for trade-in.
  • Contact a Southeast account executive via email ( or at 770-674-5626.
  • Fill out the online assessment form provided by the link below.
  • Plan the trade-in strategy with Globix
  • Globix will structure the appropriate trade-in plan to help you recover maximum value for your assets.

Globix specialized in desktops and laptops. We have 5 international offices to maximize the value for your equipment.