Currently, there are no federal guidelines for data destruction or for recycling. Some states have imposed their own regulations as far as recycling, but still there is no standard for data security. Here at Globix, we want you to know we take these things very seriously. We dispose of electronic waste responsibly, not just according to EPA guidelines, but to an e-Stewards standard, which is a strict global standard. We pride ourselves on wiping all data per DoD specs to make sure your data is secure and safe from fraud and other identity leaks. If we cannot wipe it, we have a hard drive shredder to destroy them. Our shredder is also mobile, so if you are local to Norcross, GA we can come out to you to make sure you never lose sight of your data. We also provide documentation for all our processes so you can be sure that we not only destroyed your data, but we did not use a landfill, and all your equipment has been handled at the highest level of security and scrutiny.

e-Stewards Certified


The Responsible Recycling Practices Standard (R2:2013) certification is a voluntary practice that complies with EPA guidelines for responsible recycling of electronics. It says Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The basic idea is to keep electronics from abandonment or winding up in landfills, where the heavy metals and other toxins may wind up in drinking water or damaging the environment. We adhere by refurbishing and reselling, and if that’s not possible, safely disposing and scrapping of materials. R2 is an agreement with the EPA to strive to act responsibly towards the environment as a computer recycler.

R2 Responsible Recycling


The e-Stewards standard is similar to the R2 certification in its goals, but it actually takes it a step further. It is a stricter standard, that not only says we will reduce, reuse, and recycle, but we will keep track of any and all downstream vendors, to ensure they dispose of everything to a higher level of scrutiny. E-Stewards comes in an audits us regularly, and we must document and show all downstream vending, and all disposals, to adhere to a ZERO landfill policy. It also regulates the disposal of items overseas, to make sure that not only are we being environmentally responsible here, we are not taking dangerous materials and outsourcing them to be disposed of in other countries in an unsafe manner. E-Stewards is a strict liability certification, where you can be sure that we adhere to our promises.